Vodka Martini with a Twist

The Vodka Martini is the cocktail most people know as the drink James Bond orders when he walks up to the bar. “Shaken, not stirred” is inextricably linked to this relatively young classic cocktail recipe. The original recipe dates back to the 1950′s and consists of two ingredients; vodka and French...

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Not your average cup of tea

  Mixing Tea   One of the nicest things about cocktail bartending is  the creation of new flavour combinations. Mixing different spirits, liqueurs, fruits, bitters, juices and syrups and coming up with that well-balanced drink to perfectly match your guest is a talent every serious bartender nourishes. Everyone has a...

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Tea Sommelier Competition at Horeca Kuwait

My first time in Kuwait started with a big miscalculation. After a pleasant flight from Amsterdam to Dubai, and a little less pleasant connecting flight to Kuwait we approached the airport as the intercom in the of the Airbus 330 informed us about the weather conditions on the ground. “A clear sky, almost no wind and a...

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Dilmah Blazer

Mar 05, 11 Dilmah Blazer

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Ceylon Old-Fashioned Ingrediënts 40 ml First Ceylon Souchong Tea, chilled (3,5 minute brew) 40 ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label 15 ml Cinnamon & Orange syrup dash of orange bitters. Glass: old-fashioned or tumbler Method Put 2 ice cubes, the syrup and the bitters in the glass and stir for 20 seconds Add 2 ice cubes and 10 ml JW...

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